Is Delhi witnessing early signs of fresh Covid-19 wave? Here’s what data shows

Delhi might be showing early signs of a fresh wave of the coronavirus pandemic as the city has been recording a steady jump in its daily tally of Covid-19 cases, according to a report by HT's sister website Live Hindustan.

The report cited data analysis of daily figures published by Delhi's health department.

According to the report, there has been an increase of 96.7 per cent of Covid-19 patients in Delhi in the last seven days of this month. From December 9 to 15, the administration detected 362 cases and between December 16 to 22, there were 712 patients of the viral disease, the report said citing data.

Notably, the number of Omicron cases at 67 has also doubled during this period.

According to data, the city presently has more than 624 Covid-19 patients. Out of the total Covid-19 patients, 55.2 per cent of the cases are from the south, southeast and southwestern districts alone.

Experts say these three districts are home to most of the travellers coming from abroad, hence the surge, Live Hindustan also reported. Apart from this, the surge can also be attributed to gatherings such as weddings and parties and people showing laxity in adhering to the mandated health protocol.

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